How can a home-based business owner hire affordable help?

Helen Gates asked:

I’m a home-based business owner and I also work full-time for my night shift job. Because of my schedule, I need to hire a couple of part-time people to help with administrative tasks. I’ve had many inquiries from people but they want to be paid cash (under the table). However I don’t want to get in trouble with Revenue Canada because of not taking the tax deductions off. But I don’t know how to calculate payroll deductions. Any suggestions from anyone? My family and friends don’t live nearby and they aren’t able to help me.

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    do you want good, reliable help or affordable help??

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    Try getting some co-op students from your local community college to help you out. Most schools have programs that you can inquire about. A student in an accounting program will be able to help you with the payroll.

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    you could write them a check in their name, get them to sign it, pay them in cash and keep the check and deposit it yourself.
    This way it shows the taxes and your doing nothing wrong

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