Are there low paying jobs online which can get me atleast 50 US dollars a month while in Nairobi Kenya?

hassankalidi asked:

I have a laptop with internet connection. I have all the time to spend online but I think I may make use of this by doing a job. What sort of jobs are usually offered online? I hear of customer care and other call jobs, how do they work?

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    Well you can try the advertising program by google named adsense.
    It is really good and i also earn a nice amount to spend on my needs along with my pocket money.
    And you can also work whenever you want to…
    Just make a website and start earning. No investment if you start with a blog.

    People have really made fortunes in this thing who took this even a bit seriously…and to top it all you have nothing to lose so i also thought this thing and gave it a try…

    Official website:

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    Good Luck!!!

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    There are thousands of different jobs to do online, choose something that interests you and run with it. You can look at this site for ideas.

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