Do you know of any good, online websites to find job opportunities under the field of ceramics/pottery jobs?

Katherine asked:

I will be graduating soon from art school with a BFA in Ceramics, and would like to expand my horizon by possibly working for another artist, at a production pottery shop, a brick factory, or something else. How do I find these jobs online or else where?

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  1. mike1942f #

    I would suspect that most of the places like those named would be hiring low pay labor instead of BFA’s in Ceramics. You should have a good resource in just asking your teachers about what they hear from former students and places in your area. Also, you need to make contact with ceramics/pottery suppliers in your area that also work with commercial places and talk to the owner or other person who interacts with places that might hire someone like you. If you haven’t done so in the last 3-4 years, it might too late to be useful, but Google the address of your school and Search nearby for Ceramics and Pottery

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