18 and trying to Earn extra cash in the UK?

Libra C00kiE asked:

are there any small jobs i can do like human experiments around that offer extra cash or maybe sum bars or temporary staff wanted places that i can earn cash quick , i no i cant do it for the rest of my life but just to help be save up a bit? or maybe upcoming events possibly.

I live in London btw

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  1. Try to learn more #


    Basically, there are 2 ways:


    Build a blog, create a brand, sell advertisement space… it is fun, but it takes a bit of time. If you are not sure how to do this, I would start with the “Blog Mastermind” course by Yaro Starak. Here, i found some info about his course:

    2)Affiliate marketing
    If you don’t want to blog, learn sell products (without spending a dime). If you are not sure what to do, I would go through the Stephen Pierce’s course, because he is getting great feedback. Again, if you need some info first:

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