Could somebody plz tell me about genuine online international jobs available, besides mturk?

wiccangirl5 asked:

I really need to make extra dough so could somebody please tell me about any kind of online jobs that pay internationally.

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    Try looking on

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    I know about online jobs that are available internationally and you can work & complete them no matter where you live. No one will ever ask you to pay any upfront fee. These jobs are computer and Internet related (I.T.). Note that you must be able to complete these jobs and provide results in order to make money. Read more here:

    In order to win a job, always bid for more of them at the same time (up to 10) and offer your services for lower prices (until you get a lot of positive feedbacks). If you lack expertise to complete any of these jobs, I suggest you finish some web designing and/or graphic designing and/or programming, etc. course and then bid for jobs.

    They also have a lot of writing and data entry jobs, but these are much trickier to get due to competition.

    This is probably the only honest way to earn online from home. Take a look, you won’t regret it.

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