Does anyone know any online work at home jobs?

shadowmonkeyblue asked:

I will be out of work for 2 months from an injury.I need to make some money.I see ads on TV for online jobs.Are there any that are good and work.


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    MoreNiche doesn’t charge a startup fee and sends paychecks monthly.

    The link is

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    Keep in mind that any company that asks you for money up front is not legitimate. They are making most of their profits off new sales recruits, not by selling product. Think about it this way… If you applied for a job at McDonald’s, they would NEVER ask you to pay them for the opportunity to work there. There are real telecommuting/online jobs out there, but you must find these through traditional employers.

    Most of the reponses you’ll receive on here will be spam. The links they provide are almost always referral links, meaning THEY get paid if YOU sign up! Envelope stuffing and secret shopping will never be enough to pay the bills. Stay away from the online survey sites too, as from what I’ve experienced, are all scams that won’t pay you.

    If you really don’t want to get a regular, full-time job, maybe you could sell on Ebay. I used to do this part-time selling overstocks and returns from various catalogs and retail companies. Amazon also allows you to list new/used items, and they charge you no fee unless the item sells.

    If you just want to make extra money on the side, maybe you could clean homes (which actually pays VERY well), do lawn maintenance, student tutoring, or consider other creative opportunities.

    Good luck!

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    Provide NAME BRAND products and re-sell on e-bay at markup.

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    telephone work if you have a quiet time at your house that is a serious place for serious individuals, they do a background check and everything. i have two babies at home so I really have no quiet time, i wasnt up for it. im doing something else that works for me, its not get rich quick, it is get rich eventually though, lol.. they say you never get rich working for someone else.

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    I love this program and you will too. Easy and Free to sign up and get started.. Other programs are misleading, this one I have actually made money from..

    No cost what so ever, EVER!

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    There are many legitimate ways to make money for Summer Jobbers, Home workers, Part time jobbers, Net Surfers. Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U. Check it out……..
    Then you’d have a variety of jobs to choose from.

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    Most Are BS..Just becarefull

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    Don’t do surveys! This will not make you any kind of real money. And it is true that any JOB that asks for money upfront isn’t legit, but if you are looking for a business opportunity, you will usually have some costs. Jobs and opportunities are different. I know of an amazing company where you can work from home, and they even have health benefits! If you want more info let me know and I will give you their URL.

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    You can get an online job without spending any fee as

    Home based customer service agent
    Medical transcriptionist

    You can get links of online companies hiring online workers at

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