Are there any online jobs or ways to make money that aren’t scams?

conspiracy asked:

I have looked around and seen many online jobs or make money online things, but i hear a lot are scams. Are there any that are real? It would be nice to do something from home for extra cash with out any real schooling or degree.

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  1. Rin #

    Hi conspiracy,

    I used to think that a lot of them are scams, and yes, there are some out there that are scams, but we should not overlook those which aren’t.

    What I do is to sign up for free at websites that pay you to click and view at their websites or ads, such as Neobux. Simply have an account with them and click on their ads and view it everyday. They don’t require you to have any real schooling, although there may be age limitations and you need either a Paypal or AlertPay account to receive your money.

    If you are not convinced, you can look through their forums for the payment proofs.

    For more information, please visit my blog in the source as I have put up a lengthy explanation on what you need to do to start out.

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    Yes, I make money by owning my own web page at globals domains international you can check it out at . The income opportunity is really really great!!!

    Good luck .

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    its an awesome FREE online job thats real,and anyone can do it. Please if you try it please use me as a reference ( thanks! good luck

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    Basically, the answer is yes. There are genuine ways to make money online which are not scams. Having said that, however, there are no get rich quick schemes online. If you are willing to put in the time and work, then you can make some money. If you get discouraged easily, then you might have a difficult time, so before I go any further I will say it again: commitment and persistence are THE most important things.

    Essentially, there are several ways you can make money online – you can use paid offer sites, survey sites, or various others. I’ve been making money online for several months now and have built up a steady stream of income to supplement my income from my job. Most of these sites do not pay very small amounts for each offer you complete, but like I said, if you stick to it and don’t get discouraged, all these little numbers start to add up to far larger ones.

    Included in the sources area below are some of the websites I use which you might like to check out. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages, and some pay more than others, but all are quite good. Best of luck, and remember, STICK TO IT!

  6. thetarkone #

    Adverbux -

    the WIN Network –

    Moony List -

    Well, there are many ways to make money online. One really easy way (but may take some time) is Adverbux. You can play games and the highest scorers win money, and you will get put into the daily cash drawing. You also get paid (small amounts at a time of course) to view their ads or complete surveys and such. Here is a link that will show you how to make money with Adverbux: . Just sign up for Adverbux under my referral link below.

    Another way you can make money online is through the WIN Network. Sign up for free and you can watch presentations to get put into the weekly cash prize drawing. You can also upgrade your account and make money for every person you get into your down line (can add up to a lot of money). You can then upgrade again and get paid matching checks of everyone in your down line. So you can get paid thousands a month. Just get as many people into your down line as possible! Sign up link is below.
    You can also buy signups for your down line on Adverbux (link below) to speed up the process for The WIN Network.
    Also try this addition to WIN Network for getting money for free:

    Lastly, there is a solution for you to save money on online products. Moony List is an awesome website that actually gives you money back for buying through their site (any ordinary products)…You get up to 30% cash back for buying products so that is a really great deal and could save you a ton of money. Link is below.

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    This thing is really good, and has been praised by papers such as the Financial Times and the Sunday Times. Definite C£sh to be earned here.

    Investment Required: None (not at any point will you have to pay up for anything or hand your details over as you can request to be paid by cheque)

    I have earned a fair wad already and have been doing it for about a month.

    It works like this:

    You go through the referral link and sign up (takes about 2 mins and no personal details are needed)

    What that does is it gives you your own web page with 1000+ links to website’s such as Amazon, Play, EBay, Argos etc etc. (save this page to your fave’s)

    When ever you (or friends, read on) go to buy anything of the net or your friends that you’ve signed up and their friends and their friends so on so on buy anything you just go through your own site and buy as normal.

    This is where it gets good because every thing you buy you get a % of the commission put back into your account on the webpage.

    Now this is where it gets really interesting because if your friends sign up via your link they get a % commission but you get a % of that as well. And if they get their friends to sign up you get a commission of whatever they buy so on and this can go on for ages! So you don’t even have to buy to make money just sign up your friends and get them to sign up there so on so on. Money is so easily achievable with this. £££

    Remember you are not scamming your friends by doing this because you will always only get 45% of the commission and the rest gets shared amongst your friends or you. there is a lot of money to be earned from this, see by playing on the income estimator on the website. You really are all in it for each other.

    Click Here: to see my shop and to find out more (Click the “Find Out More” link at the Top Right of the page) or sign up using this referral link

    You have to be referred to sign up to Ei42 as it is a networking so take the opportunity and start making ££££’s because this going to be the next internet craze.

    This has been talked about on the national press scene by many top journalist. You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, you have to be referred to join so join now.

    A little tip for when signing up friends, use applications such as Facebook, MSN, My Space to spread the word to your mates I did and it’s paid off no end. Also talk to them as some seem sceptical at first but there’s a lot to gain from this and nothing at all to lose.

    Any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.
    Happy Ei42’ing

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