What are some good online jobs for an 18 year old?

lolitaloves asked:

I am 18, a female, and a senior in high school. Can you help me find some online jobs where I can make a decent amount of money? I still have my part-time job at a retail store, but I need more for college.

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    here try this one, it might suit you;))

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    Keep up with the retail all the online jobs listed here are fake. if you really are looking for one remember no real job would ask you for money for applying or getting started. If you are really interested in finding something you can do at home find a local store that needs help with their website.

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    there are some sites that pay u to enter data.Other pays u to post ads,read free emails.And there are many websites that pay u money only for surfing the web.
    Some of these websites are scams.So be carefull While joining them.

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    Data entry may be good online jobs for an 18 year old female from home.
    Or you can do online surveying.
    It will not taking more that 3 hours a day and you will earn a lot of money.

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    I have been working from home for 4 1/2 years.

    It is great to be able to set my own hours and work days, but is still work. If you are serious, send me an email:

    I can help you get started and give you any advice I can through email (for free obviously)

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