DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ONLINE JOBS Only Honest answers please im desperate! I need a job online?

Mr.Will asked:

I need a job online from home. are there any jobs that are not a scam and don’t require me to send them money for a package. I have done this in the past and I ended up paying a lot of money.

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    If you’re looking for money then I suggest this site I wrote on my blog: it if you want some extra money here and there and it’s free. Just fill out some online surveys or register and you get money added to your account.

    It’s not a lot of money but it helps.

    Good luck! Oh and I know what you’ve been through. Just don’t fill out the ones that ask for your credit card and etc.

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    ABC news highlighted a number of legitimate sites for making money from home…. find them and a few other good ones here…

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    1. WelI I actually take surveys for cash. And yes they do pay as long as you know the good ones. I have some free survey sites that are very reliable just check out my profile by clicking my name or email me for them. I only give sites that I’ve been paid by so you won’t get scammed. They’re all reliable and I’ve never had a problem with them. (I’ve been doing them for a year now) The best part is that anyone can do them and they’re easy. You won’t get rich but they definitely help with bills :)

    2. Btw a lot of the ones above are spammers and I wouldn’t trust them

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    I found this website and it is free to join and it is a BBB reliability program.

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    Join the EyeEarn Network, and get paid to drive your car, wear T-shirts, and more! Earn money effortlessly while you go about your day! It’s fun, easy, and no experience is necessary!

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    Why did you pay money. Just do some search and you get your answers

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    Instead of scam jobs, go to your local fast food chains. They hire practically anybody and they feed you too.

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    If you want to find a legitimate online work at home job and really make money,visit It is a great site!

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