Should I apply for jobs in person or online?

Shane asked:

I am going to applying for summer jobs and I wonder if I should apply for jobs online, or in person. Some places only accept online applications and I understand applying in person only means picking up an application and returning it. Is there any advantage to going in person to get an application or should I continue filling them out online?

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    you should try them in person if you live in nyc like me you would want to do them onlie, but i doubt u live here so.

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    i pay more attention to applicants who apply in person. and if i really like the first impression, i will usually interview and hire on the spot. although, online is more convenient for you, applying in person is usually more convenient for the manager. if you do decide to apply in person, make sure its during a slow time for the business…so you can really talk to the manager and give them a good impression. and don’t be afraid to ask questions. hope i helped!

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