What kind of jobs are available for high school students online?

Girlpowermch asked:

Where I live there are not many employment opportunities during the winter. How can I get a legitimate job online?

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    I haven’t seen any online surveys that work, and if you can type fast the data entry search can go on forever before you find one that actually will pay you like they say.

    Assembling items at home is a far cry from a good reward because most manufacturers have machines do their work or outsource to underdeveloped countries. If you do find one they will have you put the stuff together then when you send it back they will tell you that the product you did is not up to their standards even though you did each piece exactly as they asked…

    Don’t bother with MLM!!!

    The best thing I have found that is paying off is a referral business. Get paid by referring people to a business that has great products that people use everyday. These products are often less expensive and have better results.

    You should check out

    You do have to be 18 because it will be your own business but that also means there will be tax deductions that you can take.

    Check it out!

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    they r all scams

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